Investment Fund Administration

  • Keep and maintain the Register of Participating Unitholders in Investment Funds;
  • Receive and process application forms for subscription, redemption, or transfer of Units;
  • Monitor the receipt of subscription monies and calculate the Management Allocation fee and Performance Allocation fee payable to Fund Manager;
  • Carry out all relevant due diligence checks to applicants for Units in accordance with the Investor Prospectus and applicable laws and regulations;
  • Allocate the profits and losses of the Fund to each relevant Unit/Share Class , prepare and issue dividend payments or payment of redemption monies on redemption of Shares;
  • Communicate with Participating Shareholders and dispatch Fund related circulars, notices of meetings, reports, financial statements and other written material to all persons entitled to receive the same under the Articles and the Private Placement Prospectus as the Fund may require;
  • Determine the Net Asset Value per Unit and report to the Fund, its existing Participating Shareholders and prospective investors;
  • Keep full and proper books of accounts for the Fund.