Bank Account Management

Keyforce specialists will assist you with the choosing of the bank where will be more convenient for you to open an account for your company, prepare a full set of required documents in accordance with the requirements of the bank and if necessary, translate and notarize documents.

Banks located in Cyprus are most loyal to the client. Keyforce through established partnerships with all Cyprus banks will assist you to open an account at any Cyprus bank. We are also able to offer companies with opened bank accounts.

The team of Keyforce has invaluable experience in cooperation with the most reliable banks in Cyprus and offer to their clients the following banking services:

  • Advice on the choosing of banks
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Opening of corporate and personal accounts with test code keys
  • Assistance in the issuance of credit, debit cards & chequebooks
  • Assistance in the organization of banking online services
  • Managing & maintaining of the bank accounts
  • Bank transfers & tracking of funds
  • Assistance on solving problems related to any transactions
  • Individual solutions to optimize interest rates
  • Private banking