About Us

Although Keyforce Limited is a newly established corporation, it comprises of the realisation of an idea which has its roots back in time which, through the years, has been enriched and matured as a result of the experience, education and professionalism of the people who initially envisioned its establishment.

Keyforce has been established in order to provide integrated corporate services to
international businesses and individuals. The initial target is to gather professionals from various specialisations, interrelated to each other, in order to achieve the highest quality of services for the client’s satisfaction. As a result Keyforce drew together a team of experienced legal professionals, accountants, auditors, economists, international and local tax planning specialists, business and financial
consultants, bankers and even entrepreneurs.

Having achieved to join ‘key forces’ and a considerably wide network of associates worldwide, Keyforce is now in position to provide its clients with a variety of consulting and corporate services including:

  • company formation
  • company administration
  • nominee and fiduciary services
  • tax & estate planning
  • accounting services
  • fund licensing
  • fund administration
  • and many other related services

Experience gained by our specialists during practice, allows us to offer our clients a high quality of legal services. Ultimately, this is based on the package approach. The various departments that are included in the company structure join together to meet all the related requirements of our clients.

We follow the amendments and changes in the legislation and expand the range of services according to the present-day law. Our primary goal is the correct construction of the business, starting from the business of choice, the legal structure and ending with the tax planning of the company`s operation. Crucially important for us is to build long term relationships with our clients based on principals of mutual advantage, an individual approach to each client and confidentiality preservation.

Providing further service and support to our clients, we develop for our clients cost effective solutions for international business and minimize tax and safeguard the assets of the company.

With Keyforce you can always depend on the professional assistance of our highly-skilled experts on the international level, to come up with a speedy solution to the client`s issues combined with irreproachable service.

The underlying principles of Keyforce are the European standards of the service quality, professionalism, security guarantees for the business of our clients, flexible pricing and individualized approach.